RADM (USCG Ret) Alan M. Steinman, MD, MPH

Former Director of Health and Safety for the U.S. Coast Guard


RADM (Ret) Alan M. Steinman, MD, MPH is the former Director of Health and Safety for the U.S. Coast Guard, in which he served as both the chief medical officer and chief safety officer of the Coast Guard. During his 25 years of service in the Coast Guard and Public Health Service,

Dr. Steinman participated in numerous life-saving medical evacuations of injured merchant seamen and fishermen, often in hazardous weather and sea conditions. He developed the Coast Guard’s system of emergency medical services, and was instrumental in creating the Coast Guard’s EMT School.

His expertise in operational and environmental medicine earned him an international reputation in cold-weather medicine, hypothermia and sea-survival. He has published numerous articles and texts in these areas, and he has lectured in both national and international conferences on occupational and environmental medicine.

Following his retirement from active duty in 1997, he was appointed by President Clinton as the only medical officer on a
U.S. Senate Oversight Committee on Gulf War Illness.

Dr. Steinman is a graduate of MIT, Stanford School of Medicine, and the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine. He earned his Masters Degree in Public Health from the University of Washington. He is Board Certified in Occupational and Preventive Medicine. He currently serves as a medical consultant in the areas of sea-survival, hypothermia and drowning.