Chief Gerard (Gerry) Fiola

Chief of Security and Facility Security Officer

Port of Tacoma


Gerry is currently the Chief of Security and Facility Security Officer for the Port of Tacoma. Primary responsibilities are to lead and manage the Port Patrol, (armed security officers and staff of 40 employees) and the Terminal Security Division ( 25 unarmed employees) and plan/implement measures that ensure the regulatory requirements of the US Coast Guard, Federal Maritime and all State and local laws are met or exceeded.

Law Enforcement Career

Port of Seattle Police, Seattle, WA – Captain (Retired) Patrol Division Led the Police Services Division of the Port of Seattle Police, which consists of 52 Patrol Officers and 11 Sergeants. Overseer of the daily operations, and investigations of all crimes reported, ensured compliance with state and federal laws. Ensured all investigations met he standards for successful prosecution and me the all current case law. Served as overall Commander for Special Operations, such as, SWAT, K-9, Bomb Disposal Unit, a Marine and Dive Teams, Civil Disturbance Unit.

Chehalis Police Department, Chehalis, WA – Sergeant Supervised the Patrol services. Led the Community policing efforts within the department and instructed Community policing and crime prevention. Created the Critical Incident Response Team, served as Commander for 14 years (SWAT). Instructed SWAT procedures and emergency response to the County wide law enforcement community. Created the Chehalis K-9 Unit and the Citizen’s Chehalis K-9 Inc. Supervised the Chehalis Police Reserve Unit and served as the Reserve Academy Commander. Instructed Patrol procedures, Use of force, Community policing and ethics and leadership. Also supervised and instructed the Firearms Training Section.

Education and Training

  • Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement Administration. – City University Renton, WA
  • Graduate of Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command College Class
  • Northwest Executive Law Enforcement Command College
  • Executive Leadership Certification from Wash. State Criminal Justice Training Commission.
  • Mid-Management Certification, Wash. State Criminal Justice Training Commission.
  • First Level Supervision Certification. Wash. State Criminal Justice Training Commission.