The 28th Annual Marine Law Enforcement Conference is a program designed to support continuing education and training, information sharing and technology transfer. Conference agenda items are specifically tailored for marine police officers and U.S. Coast Guard personnel with a marine area of responsibility.  

This year's conference will be co-located with the Maritime Security 2016 West Conference, hosted by Homeland Security Outlook. Not only will attendees of the 28th Annual Marine Law Enforcement Conference be exposed to a greater array of perspectives from federal law enforcement agencies, but a larger and more diverse assembly of technologies and solutions from exhibiting companies. When combined, the 28th Annual Marine Law Enforcement Conference and Maritime Security 2016 West Conference will be the largest and most comprehensive maritime security and law enforcement event in the United States.


The 28th Annual Marine Law Enforcement Conference will be attended by marine police units from across the State of Washington, from the bustling seaports of Seattle and Tacoma to the tranquil rivers and lakes of Walla Walla and Spokane. This year's conference is once again open to marine law enforcement agencies outside of the State of Washington. The training and best practices received during this multi-day event are easily exportable to jurisdictions in other states. Last year's program drew attendees from Alaska, Guam, Nevada, and Florida. This conference is a perfect opportunity to interact with fellow law enforcement officers from across the region and beyond. 

Marine Law Enforcement Predicted Log Regatta

What is a Predicted Log Regatta ?

It's a fun way to practice navigation and satisfy your competitive nature. This is not a test of speed - it's a test of navigational accuracy. It doesn't take a special boat or high priced electronics. All it takes is:      A Boat.----- A Compass.----- A Tachometer.----- A Chart.
Predicted Log Regattas are similar to road rallies on the water. All you have to do is predict the time your boat will take to get from point to point on a designated course. You do the predictions in advance then run the course in your boat on the day of the regatta without clock or speedometer. An observer aboard, records the time at each point, then afterward the actual times are compared with the predictions to determine the error. Trophies will be awarded to the winners with the lowest errors at our MLE Awards Banquet.


  The Benefits of Program Co-Location with the Maritime Security West Conference

  • Access to more content.  All Marine Law Enforcement attendees will have full access to all speakers and presentations hosted by Maritime Security West.
  • Access to more solutions.  The joint exhibit hall of over 40 exhibitors will feature technologies, solutions and products that can enhance security operations.
  • Access and participation in the Dept. of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate's Border and Coastal Information System Plug Fest.

Please visit www.maritimesecuritywest.com to learn more.


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