Miriam Norman

Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor
State of Washington

Miriam Norman is a Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor for Washington State. As a TSRP, she is a resource to all prosecutors and officers in the state of Washington handling an impaired driving case. She trains, provides legal advice, and trial assistance to prosecutors and officers, and assists in drafting legislative fixes. She also speaks as requested to interested stakeholders and community members. Prior to becoming a TSRP, she was the lead DUI Prosecutor for the City of Seattle. As the Lead DUI Prosecutor, she acted as a liaison between prosecutors and law enforcement, community groups, and other stakeholders in the fight against impaired driving in addition to trainings. Miriam is a career prosecutor. Her focus and specialty has consistently been traffic crime. However, she prosecuted in Jefferson County where she started a mental health court, prosecuted felonies, misdemeanors, DV/SA cases, and honed her trial skills. She began her career many years ago as a prosecutor in small cities around Yakima.