Randall L. Parten

US Navy Veteran, USCG Licensed 100-ton Master Operator
Principal, The Dream Boat Company, Rescu Swim’r

 Randall Parten is an MOB (Person In the Water) expert. In the course of training mainly boating pairs to operate large yachts, he identified a need for a way for them to safely, reliably, and quickly deliver a rescue device to a Person in the Water in a panic/emergent situation. Factors at play include: an unskilled operator left on board to affect the rescue, psychological panic responses, adverse environmental conditions, and the inherent danger of any operating vessel being anywhere near a Person In the Water. Through exhaustive studies of hundreds of MOB cases, innumerable on-the-water trials, and knowledge of typical human panic responses, he has developed a clear understanding of the very specific challenges of that situation, and how to mitigate them. The core of which turns out to be QUICKLY contacting a Victim with a life-saving device, without the risk the Rescue Vessel itself contacting the Victim. Easier said than done.